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>Barriers And Concerns About Coming To A Gym Or Starting A Strength Program


Time commitment, I was worried about carving out time in an already busy schedule. Now my strength and well being has improved so much the last two years I can’t imagine not going. I love feeling healthier, stronger, and it’s just good for your all around attitude when your physical strength is much better. The big plus for me is my bone density has actually improved after all those drugs and as age creeps up, any improvement is a victory!
– DW

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>Thoughts on Anniversaries

The anniversary of being diagnosed is etched in my memory – how difficult that time was and how far I have come. I prefer to focus on the anniversary of my tumor being surgically removed as it represents the first day of the “cancer free” calendar. Every day is a gift beyond that. I handle it by taking some time to reflect on things for which I am grateful.

In August I feel sad, thinking of my diagnosis. I spend time reflecting on it alone. I did celebrate the initial final treatment day, but I don’t think I will every year.

May of 2016 was the ovarian cancer. One year later, to my surprise, May again, I had breast cancer…So I thought what can I do? What can I do to help myself? What can I do to come back stronger, better, and to try to keep the cancer from coming back?

You aren’t always physically aware of it, but somewhere inside your psyche you are saying guess what today is.

We celebrate as a family. Every year we get together that day.

My anniversary is my diagnosis date, that is the only date that I remember about my journey

I try not to mark the anniversaries because I don’t want that day every year to be colored by something bad that happened in my life.

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