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“Our mission is to help people who have cancer, or who have had cancer, become as healthy as possible through strength training and other physical activity.”

Our Stories

Barriers and Concerns about coming to a gym or starting a strength program.

Time commitment, I  was worried about carving out time in an already busy schedule. Now my strength and well being has improved so much the last two years I can’t imagine not going. I love feeling healthier, stronger, and it’s just good for your all around attitude when your physical strength is much better. The big plus for me is my bone density has actually improved after all those drugs and as age creeps up, any improvement is a victory!
– DW

Free Strength Training for Cancer Survivors

Survival 2 Strength is a program for strength, coordination and mobility.

12 Week Course

It is a free 12 week program with no obligations or expectations to purchase membership or training after the 12 weeks are completed.  Cost should never be a barrier to the benefits of strength training.

Flexible Times

The program: is individualized but typically a person has two sessions a week, each session is about an hour, with warming up, core and mobility, strength work, and stretching.  Cardio is encouraged either in the gym or elsewhere.

No Experience Required

Starting the program: each person has their own starting point and gradually progresses at their own pace.  A cancer survivor should not be sore or exhausted from training, as we encourage an active lifestyle outside of the gym.

Individual or Small Groups

Sessions are 1:1 for individual guidance.  Small group sessions are available upon request, and individualized for the group needs and preferences

Importance of Physical Activity


Every cancer survivor should have a survivor plan, an individualized plan to return to his or her best possible health.

Survivor plans list diagnosis, previous and current treatment, risk factors of diagnosis and side effects of treatments, and a follow up screening schedule.

A cancer survivor (anyone who has or has ever had cancer) may be at a higher risk than the general population for cardiac problems, lymphedema, blood clots, osteoporosis, nerve problems, immobility and imbalance problems, as well as other health concerns.

A person who has had cancer may have great difficulty overcoming barriers to fitness and strength training.

However, physical activity, such are aerobic exercise, flexibility, and strength training, have the same benefits for cancer survivors as they do for the general population: denser bones, improved mood and sleep, more energy- many benefits- including reduced risk of cancer and death from cancer.

Special Thanks

to these gyms for helping to support us!

  • I was also worried about injury and what exercises were safe. Instead, working with Clare gave me a sense of hope. She helped me to regain strength and was patient and encouraging in the process. I am so grateful.

  • In 2015, after 6 months of chemo and a double mastectomy, I was fatigued, weak, and had "chemo brain".  Clare helped me accept this "new normal" but also showed me that I could get stronger and feel better by working out with her. Clare encourages me to do what I can at each session, and gives me exercises that I can do at home or on vacation. I very quickly noticed improvement in balance, strength, and stamina, which reinforced that I was indeed on the path to a better, healthier life.


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“call Clare at 651-470-1644 or email cpoulose8@gmail.com

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