These videos are to try and help those looking to start a healthy and safe physical training routine!

It is important to use proper form and prepare before doing physical activities. In this video we demonstrate how to prepare yourself to lift weights, work materials, or other household objects.

In this video, we go over 2 basic exercises that we use in our nonprofit cancer survivor program Survival2Strength. These are easy exercises that anyone can do to get stronger and activate muscles they use every day.

In this video, we demonstrate a basic bicep curl. This simple method helps anyone get stronger and it’s easy to perform.

In this video, we demonstrate a basic squat. This method is simple and easy, and can help anyone get stronger.

In this video, we demonstrate how to perform wall slides and simple squats. These exercises are great for recovery, correction, activating muscle groups, and building strength. This demonstration is catered to cancer survivors but beneficial to anyone.

In this video, we demonstrate some basic movements that anyone can perform to increase their mobility.

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